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U.S. Distributor OF Hempwood



Cabinets & Table Tops


HempWood products for
commercial & residential uses

HempWood® Natural Flooring, Lumber, Paneling, Woodturning Blanks, Cabinet Kits, and Picture Frames are all made from HempWood® Blocks. HempWood® Lumber is a non-structural hardwood intended for cabinetry, furniture, and other hobby wood applications. HempWood® Natural Flooring is an engineered flooring product
that is comparable to American white oak. 

hempwood products

HempWood Natural Flooring

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HempWood Panels

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HempWood Lumber

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HempWood® Natural Flooring is safe for consumers with ultra-low VOCs due to our no-added formaldehyde soy-based adhesive. The engineered format offers ease of installation, multiple subfloor  applications, and the ability to be refinished up to four times. HempWood® Natural Flooring has a Janka Hardness Rating of 2,200 lbf, which is 20% harder than American white oak. The flooring is also CARB 2 and TSCA VI Compliant. In addition to the ultra-low VOCs, the fire rating is a Class 1, which is well above the commercial standard.

HempWood veneers are laminated onto PureBond Plywood
to make our one-of-a-kind HempWood Panels. These panels
are perfect for cabinetry, shelving, and furniture.

5/8" x 48 x 96"
4/4" x 48 x 96"
5/8" x 48 x 48"
4/4" x 48 x 48"
5/8" x 10" x 48"
4/4" x 10 x 48"

By utilizing fast-growing hemp and a carbon-negative manufacturing process,HempWood® Natural Flooring is the most sustainable flooring product on the market. Through our patented process and adhesives, we are able to offer a flooring product strong enough to handle daily foot traffic without emitting VOCs into the atmosphere. Lastly, being made in America, not only supports the local economy but allows for shortened lead times.

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