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Midwest Hemp Technology carries wholesale supplies of grain, hurd, fiber and micronized hemp. Call or connect online to purchase processed hemp from Midwest Hemp Technology.


MHT buys locally grown hemp crops from Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri farmers for use in manufacturing and food. Located in Augusta, KS the company produces hemp seed food and oil in addition to industrial hemp hurd, fines and short strand fiber.  

Place retail orders for hemp seed oil and protein powder and hemp hurd through the Hempy's Heart websiteBrowse the selection below and reach out to MHT for bulk or white label orders.

Industrial Hemp Products

Innovate with industrial hemp

Industrial hemp is ripe for innovations in sustainable consumer goods and scalable solutions to environmental issues. Connect with MHT to discuss the specs of your project and how we can help. 

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H1 Hempcrete Binder

Midwest Hemp Technology recommends Lancaster Limeworks'

H1 Binder.

Mix H-1 Binder with Hemp Hurd to make Hemp Blocks and Hemp Shuttering. Use the H-1 Binder with sand for Mortar and Stucco/Plaster coats. Add clean water and mix to make Limewash. The high pH of the Lime prevents mold, mildew, and biological growth while the hemp is drying. It is fire and insect resistant. 100 % Natural – Contains no cements, NHL’s, polymers, latex, plant based binders, 

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