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Midwest Hemp 


Passionate About Hemp

“The Midwest Hemp Technology leadership team has been working in the Kansas hemp industry since 2018. The group of investors and executives assembled here are all committed to the growth of this industry in a way that benefits farmers, manufacturers and the environment,” said Sarah Stephens, CEO.  “There are quite literally thousands of reasons why hemp is important to American agriculture and industry.  We are so proud to play a part in this crops’ reemergence."

Midwest Hemp Technology buys locally grown hemp from Kansas farmers for use in manufacturing and food. Founded by hemp industry veterans and business development experts, Midwest Hemp Technology takes a collaborative approach to building the supply chain. Contracting with farmers and end-use retailers, the company makes hemp industry connections that contribute in significant ways to the crop’s long term viability in the U.S. 

Located in Augusta, the four acre headquarters includes multiple buildings and storage facilities. The company produces hemp seed food and oil in addition to hemp hurd and long strand fiber. In collaboration with local farmers and channel partners, Midwest Hemp Technology manufactures Kansas grown hemp for industrial purposes.

Midwest Hemp Technology decorticates hemp stalks for hurd and fiber. Hemp grain is cleaned, sorted, dehulled and pressed for food and industrial uses. Supplying local horse stables, zoos and farm stores, Midwest Hemp Technology aims to create a regional supply chain. The company makes a variety of hemp based products from Kansas farms for use around the country.


Hemp fiber and grain crops have the potential to supply food for humans and animals, textiles, plastic replacements, wood alternatives, bio-adsorbents and many other environmentally friendly products. The plant uses less water than cotton, grows way faster than trees and captures carbon in the atmosphere. 

Industrial hemp research was authorized at the national level by the 2014 Farm Bill. The 2018 Farm Bill authorized commercial production. After more than 80 years of prohibition, Kansas farmers and hemp businesses are navigating uncertain terrain with limited data to guide decisions. Midwest Hemp Technology understands the unique challenges of the industry and dedicates time and resources to continuing education and industry trade associations.



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  • Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance 

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