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A healthy, natural fiber batt insulation that contributes to high performing, energy efficient habitats. Made from 90% industrial hemp fiber, HempWool has a low carbon footprint, is safe to handle,and is extremely durable. Installing HempWool is simple, making it even easier to choose health and high performance for your next project.

Meet Hempwool

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HempWool Insulation

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Nontoxic building material grown and manufactured domestically in Idaho 

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Specs and Performance  Capabilities 

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When you purchase HempWool, you're not just investing in carbon-conscious materials, but also supporting rural agriculture across the country as our raw materials are grown regionally from a rapidly renewable resource.

Hempitecture's HempWool is a plant-based, non-toxic insulation product that is both high performing and carbon-negative to improve your home's energy efficiency, indoor air-quality, and carbon footprint.

Hempitecture has launched the first-of-its-kind facility in the US that utilizes cutting-edge technology that utilizes natural fibers to create a diverse range of materials. Our factory is fully powered by renewable energy sources, showcasing our unwavering dedication to producing the most sustainable materials available.

Natural Fiber insulation used primarily for exterior walls, including floors, ceilings, and walls. Pre-formed and flexible plant based insulation designed to be inserted by friction fit between wooden or steel frames. It is offered in panel thickness of: 2’’ (R-7), 3,5’’ (R-13), 5,5’’ (R-20), 7,5’’ (R-28). Other dimensions on request.

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