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U.S. Distributor OF Terrafibre

Grow Mats

Terrafiber grow mats are perfect for microgreens
Custom and standard sizes available

Erosion Control Rolls

Tree Rings 

Maintain moisture and suppress weeds

Poultry Nesting Sheets

Soft, warm, dry nesting mats with no mess

Hemp fiber products for
commercial & residential uses

All Terrafibre products are made from 100% industrial hemp fibres. Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres on earth. It provides the strength of a synthetic fibre while still being fully biodegradable after use, making Terrafibre products the most sustainable on the market. 

Message MHT for commercial quantities of hemp fiber grow mats, erosion control rolls and poultry nesting pads. 

terrafibre hemp products

Hemp Fiber Grow Mats


Hemp Fiber Erosion Control Blankets


Poultry Nesting Sheets


Terrafibre grow mats provide the strength and water holding capacity necessary for the growth of young plants. The strong and loose weave of hemp fiber provides the water and air flow necessary for high germination rates.

An easy way to grow microgreens indoors year-round, these fibrous mats let even beginner gardeners produce a successful crop without a lot of mess & effort. Simply place the mat in any suitably sized grow tray that has a raised pattern in the bottom for air circulation. Sprinkle seeds of your choice, then keep them moist to support germination and sustain them until they’re ready to harvest. If you sell live microgreens, these are the perfect media!

  • Ideal Grow Media for Microgreens, Wheatgrass & Sprouts

  • Made with Industrial Hemp

  • 100% Biodegradable & Compostable

  • 300 gsm

  • pH Neutral

  • Hemp Fibres hold 1050% their weight in water

  • Carbon Capturing

Rolled erosion control blankets provide temporary soil erosion protection and assist in the establishment of vegetation on moderate slopes or low-flow channel applications where loose mulches or bare-ground seeding are not effective.

Terrafibre hemp fiber blanket can be used to combat weeds and prevent erosion on and around newly constructed berms and steep highway banks by motorways. Hemp fiber accelerates the establishment of vegetation and ensures a fast rooting in the ground which greatly helps stabilize the subsoil. Over time, the natural fiber will decompose completely, and vegetation coverage reduces erosion. 

Typically, blankets are used for the following applications:

  • Slope Protection

  • Channel & Ditch Linings

  • Reservoir Embankments & Spillways 

  • Culvert Inlets & Outfalls

  • Dikes

  • Levees 

  • Riverbanks


The scrim backing consists of 100% recycled material, with a minimum of 40% being post consumer content. String reinforcement is made of 100% biodegradable rayon with three openings per lineal inch.

  • Functional longevity of 24+ months

  • Rated on slopes up to 1H:1V

  • Available in 300 gsm or 500 gsm

  • Safe for Wildlife

  • Sustainable alternative to Straw, Coconut, Aspen, Jute, and Polypropylene Plastic

  • 100% Biodegradable & Compostable

  • Easy to Install

  • Hemp Fibres will hold 1050% it’s Weight in Water

Use poultry nesting pads in your chicken coops for a warm, soft, and clean place for your chickens to lay their eggs. Simply place the pad in the coop and pull it out when it is used. Quick, clean & convenient!

  • Nesting Pads are 13″ x 13″ 

  • Prevents breaking with thick pad that provides a soft spot for nesting 

  • Made with Industrial HempMade

  • 100% Biodegradable & Compostable

  • Warm Nesting – Hemp is an incredible insulator with a high thermal mass

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Terrafibre Rol.jpg
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