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Midwest Hemp Technology purchases hemp fiber and grain crops from farmers in Kansas and the midwestern United States. Processing the whole plant into sustainable solutions for humans and animals, MHT manufacturers hemp seed food, hurd and clean, short fiber. Throughout the hemp supply chain, MHT contributes to healthy environments and sustainable agriculture.

Hemp seeds are a near perfect source of protein. Rich in essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3, hemp grains are an excellent source of nutrition. MHT produces branded hemp protein powder, hemp hearts and hemp seed oil products for retailers.

Hemp hurd produced by MHT is highly prized as horse and animal bedding, fungus resistant mulch and renewable building materials like hempcrete. Call to discuss the quantity and quality specs for your desired end-use. MHT is a trusted supplier of American grown industrial hemp hurd and bast fiber.


Hemp contributes positively to supply chains across the world serving textiles, paper, biofuels, food production and many other manufacturing processes. MHT carries wholesale supplies of grain, hurd, fiber and dust. Call or connect online to purchase processed hemp from Midwest Hemp Technology.


Hemp production 
Midwest hemp tech

hemp processing

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Midwest Hemp Technology
Hemp Production

MHT Contracts with

Midwestern Farmers to

Grow Fiber & Grain

Hemp Crops 

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Midwest Hemp Technology  Hemp Processing

MHT Processes Industrial Hemp 

Grain, Hurd & Clean, Short Fiber For 

 Industrial, Wholesale &

Retail Suppliers

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Selling processed supplies of industrial hemp hurd, fiber and grain, Midwest Hemp Technology is a trusted manufacturer of hemp seed food, oil and hemp building materials. Call or connect online with MHT for inputs to meet your specifications in  hempcrete, hemp polymers, textiles and much more!

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