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investing in hemp

Midwest Hemp Technology
Seed Round Units Issued January, 2024

For more information on the units available including the investment memo and accompanying deck, please submit your request through the online form to the right or reach out directly. You'll quickly hear back from the leadership team.

Founded in 2021

Midwest Hemp Technology operates a 2000 pound per hour processing line. Breaking down fiber bales and cleaning hemp grains, MHT buys the full crop from farmers and develops sales channels for all parts of the plant; brown and green grain, hurd, fiber and micronized hemp. MHT is also a domestic distribution partner for Terrafibre, HempWood and Hempitecture.

Hemp Fiber & Hemp Food Licensing

MHT was fully licensed in January 2023 as a hemp fiber processor by the KS Fire Marshal. MHT leaders started as hemp producers and processors under Kansas' pilot program in 2019. Respected researchers and leaders in the industry, MHT is closely aligned with KS Hemp Consortium and other advocacy groups focused on hemp education and legislation.

Hemp Industry Leadership

A first mover in the space, MHT is leading the hemp movement with dedication to American farmers and trusted business acumen. With nearly $100,000 in the first year of sales, the company is narrowing in on the right product mix and prioritizing sales channels. Raising just $600,000 at the pre-seed stage in 2021, the company is debt free and ready to scale.


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