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Giving Grades to Agricultural Hemp Products

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

As this new, biodegradable product enters multiple markets, hemp grading and definitions take on increased importance.

Midwest Hemp Technology processes one-thousand pound bales of hemp stalks into hurd, fiber and micronized particles. In each of those lines, there are several specific products. And for each of those products, Midwest Hemp Technology assigns a grade.

All hurd is not created equal. Primarily separated by size, industrial hemp hurd is used most often in construction. Other uses include hurd for animal bedding, hemp fiberboard and hemp wood flooring. Hurd is the inner, woody core of the hemp plant and anything traditional wood can do, hemp can do too. The main difference is that hemp grows in 110 days and trees take 30 years to produce the same material.

Micronized hemp fiber is an important part of hemp bioplastic solutions and biosorbents. Long-strand fiber has the highest value among raw materials made from hemp stalks. Used in textiles and woven fabrics, this is the only product on the list below that MHT does not produce. Short-strand fiber finds practical applications in insulation, sound proofing and various growing mediums. Midwest Hemp Technology removes the hurd, or cleans the fibers, at various levels to meet client and industry specs. Short-strand fibers range from 1-3 inches long and are not uniformly oriented.

Agricultural Hemp Grading Scale

Hemp Hurd Grades

1+ Inch

½ Inch +/-


Hemp Fiber Grades




Hemp Grain Grades

Green Grains

Brown Grains

Midwest Hemp Technology purchases hemp crops from farmers in Kansas and the midwestern United States. Selling processed supplies of industrial hemp hurd, fiber and grain, Midwest Hemp Technology is a trusted manufacturer of hemp seed protein powder, oil and hemp fiber materials. Processing the whole plant into sustainable solutions for humans and animals, MHT contributes to healthy environments and sustainable agriculture.

Hemp hurd produced by MHT is highly prized as horse and animal bedding, fungus resistant mulch and renewable building materials like hempcrete. Short-strand fibers have high value in insulation, sound proofing and carbon fiber applications. Micronized hemp fiber innovations are leading industrial development in bio-materials science and earthy-friendly manufacturing.

Industrial hemp is ripe for innovations in sustainable consumer goods and scalable solutions to environmental issues. Place wholesale orders for hemp hurd, fiber and grains with an email to sales[a] Reach out to MHT for bulk or white label orders. Call or connect online with MHT for inputs to meet your specifications in hempcrete, hemp polymers and much more.

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